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Everyone's a critic but there are few organised opportunities for budding and established writers to contribute to a critical conversation about our art.

Now is your chance to review an exhibition you find interesting (whether it takes your fancy or not) or comment with a short article more generally on exhibitions and the visual arts in New Zealand.

— The best piece of writing each month wins a 2 year subscription to Art News.

— The best writing for the quarter wins editorial space in Art News next issue.

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ARTzine Reviews

Video still from

Kim Maree

There is a black curtain drawn across a doorway at the end of the main room in the gallery leading to a smaller room which is virtually dark, except for a video being projected onto the wall.

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'Veronique Kini', 2012 from Ranui 135. Anna Miles Gallery.

Ranui 135
Talia Smith

Amituanai’s practice is not exclusive to only the Pacific Island community, her images and their messages are approachable to anyone and have a way of letting viewers find their own connection to a community they may not necessarily know first hand.

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'Pastime' by Mau Muaiava at Reef Gallery

Photographic Relations
C. L. Weir

Muaiava's goal for the exhibition is to “offer an alternative perspective into how things can be viewed and interpreted.” Alternative interpretation is guided by Muaiava's use of the camera and stylisation of the photographs that push the boundaries and refresh common photographic themes.

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Raplh Hotere,

Happy Homecoming Ralph Hotere
Barry William

Homecomings are often events for celebration, so the front page heading of the September 14 issue of the 'Manukau Courier', 'Hotere comes home, captured my attention. The celebration was in fact the Mangere Arts Centre's second birthday; the homecoming, a gift to the centre, was Ralph Hotere's 'Towards Rangitoto', made in 1989. The photograph in the 'Courier' could not substitute for the real thing, so it was off to the Mangere Arts Centre to have a look!

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Philip Tse, The Kiteman, 2012, Performance documentation. Image Source: Ling-Wei Chiang, (

A Time for Stillness
Mikayla Fairweather

In Buddhist thought, there is no self, no ego, no I. A challenge when trying to communicate my ideas in response to the recent exhibition Condensare: Press Close Together and the accompanying conversation staged between Professor Manying Ip and Buddhist Master Chang Lin.

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Little Blue House -

Pukeko Corner Exhibition
Girasol Studio NZ

The Little Blue House is the pre requisit one stop art shop/gallery assimilar to others of small town NZ. Though it does have an impediment: a creative pedigree due largely to location - Western BOP's favourable KatiKati - The Mural Town.

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First Prize: Oleg Polounine's

Fun in the Snakepit
Barry William

Variety, it is said, is the spice of life. And if that is the case, and if life can be read as art, then the works of art exhibited as contestants for the Snakepit Gallery's 'Gordon's Walters Prize' season both the mind and eye in the manner of those vegetable tinctures.

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Judy Millar's 'The Big Pink Shimmering One', The James Wallace Arts Trust

The Great Leap Forward
Karen Dravitzki

From recovered billboard fabric to galvanised steel, sewn strips of paper to re-shaped Dispirin packets, fluorescent light boxes to bronze and wood; it would seem nothing unites the Paramount Winners of the Wallace Art Awards for the last twenty years.

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Daniel Crooks, Imaginary Objects

Thanks, Crooks
Audrey Martinez

The video screens of the slowly spiralling sprials, which I didn't get to until the end of my orbit of the gallery, were not necessary for me to envisage the way these objects would move if they were, as they seemed, alive.

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GreyView Productions

The 3Up
Madeleine Grasset

The 3Up was advertised as three plays from three different writers all wrapped in to the neat package of a couple of hours. Talk about a bargain!

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